Bringing people and communities together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour


Partnerships Against Crime was set up to promote the development and the widest-possible adoption of crime reduction partnerships in the UK. A key component of our activities is the organisation of events. All PAC events place the emphasis squarely on practical advice and information-sharing based on the real-life experiences of those who have achieved success in partnership building and management. All events are subsidised by PAC and therefore low-cost, and are located in a variety of regional centres around the UK to make them as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Our two main programmes comprise:
a series of conferences and exhibitions which we hold in major regional centres
a series of smaller-scale Workshops which we hold around the country and which focus on specific issues which we have identified from feedback from delegates at our conferences

    Regional Conference and Exhibition: Partnering with Police: Practical Solutions for Community Crime and ASB

Following the success of PAC’s most recent series of regional conferences, sponsored by Crime Reduction Partnership News, on Exclusion Schemes: reducing high street crime and anti-social behaviour, we are delighted to announce our second series. Partnering with Police: Practical Solutions for Community Crime and ASB will take place in London, Birmingham and Glasgow in 2013 and 2014. Dates for the London conference will be announced shortly.

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PAC’s Workshops are a response to feedback from delegates at PAC conferences who have identified subjects of special interest or concern to them. Each half-day Workshop brings together Delegates who want to learn about specific issues, with Facilitators who can share their own relevant real-life experiences and in-depth knowledge. The aim of each Workshop is to ensure that delegates leave better-equipped to address the issues in question. Before each Workshop Delegates are asked to identify specific areas of special concern to them, so that the Workshops themselves are flexible – but always focused on issues of real, practical concern to Delegates. Background information is also be made available to Delegates before each Workshop.

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