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Workshop: Managing Exclusions, Manchester

Date: Dec 2013

Venue: Central Manchester

How do Exclusion Schemes work – and how can you ensure they deliver real, tangible benefits for Members of the scheme? What role, if any, should there be for the police in your scheme? How wide can an Exclusion Scheme extend geographically? What kind of people and organisations can participate? How can Members be kept up-to-date with who is and isn’t excluded? What rules apply to extending exclusion periods? What options are available for offenders who repeatedly breach exclusion orders?

The Workshop, to be held in September in Central London, brings together Delegates who want to learn, with Facilitators who can share their own relevant real-life experiences and in-depth knowledge. The aim: to ensure that Delegates leave better-equipped to address the issues in question.

Before the Workshop Delegates are asked to identify specific areas of special concern to them, so that the Workshop not only provides a wide range of useful information but also focuses on specific issues of practical concern to Delegates. Background information will also be made available to Delegates before the Workshop.

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