Bringing people and communities together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

Welcome to Partnerships Against Crime

Partnerships Against Crime (PAC) is a not-for-profit organisation that brings people together to promote and help develop crime reduction partnerships in the UK.

We’re entirely self-funding: we don’t receive a penny of public money – and we don’t seek it. Instead, with the support of our members who share our aims, we deliver a range of subsidised services all focused on three key objectives: to spread the word about the benefits of crime reduction partnerships, to help create effective new partnerships, and to enable existing partnerships to be more effective.

We are here to provide a single source of information for people and organisations who wish to set up their own partnerships. To do that we organise conferences, exhibitions and workshops, we publish useful How-to guides, we provide free advice to those interested in starting new partnerships, and we promote the benefits of partnership-working to decision-makers in government and the police.

Conferences & Exhibitions
Partnerships Against Crime runs an on-going programme of regional conferences throughout the UK, with the emphasis very much on providing real-life solutions to real-life problems. Through them, people with experience of setting up and running successful crime reduction schemes share their knowledge and expertise with those who are considering setting up their own. To make these events as accessible as possible they take place in different locations around the country, and ticket prices are heavily subsidised. You can see our current programmes on our website at

PAC runs regular small-scale workshops on a variety of topics. Subjects include The Law and Exclusion Schemes, Funding Options for Partnerships, Partnerships and the Data Protection Act, Restorative Justice, Working with Police and Efficient Partnership Administration. Workshops are held around the country, often in premises generously provided by police, so the cost of attendance is kept as low as possible.

We offer a growing range of publications for people considering setting up crime reduction partnerships, those who wish to adopt best practice or partnership members and administrators who want to further develop existing partnerships. Our publications include step-by-step guides, model documents, and conference transcripts and presentations.

We aim to be a single-stop source of advice for people who are looking to set up partnerships, from legal issues and financing to the use of online data sharing and the latest radio technology. If we don’t know the answer we’ll know someone who does! We can call on the expertise and knowledge of our growing membership made up of commercial and non-profit organisations.

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